OpenREPL is an Online platform for checking codes in REPLs for various languages like C/C++, golang, python etc. It can be very useful for exploratory programming and debugging, specially for those who are beginners in learning any of the new programming languages. It can also be very useful for the developers who want to check small code snippets quickly in REPL before embedding the code in there applications. Learn how to play around REPL.

Follow below links for specific languages to know more:

Cling for C/C++

The C++ interactive interpreter Cling is based on LLVM and its C++ frontend clang. For more information on cling, check the documentation below :

  • Cling for C/C++ Documentation

  • Golang

    Please find the link below for documentation on our dummy gointerpreter:

  • Golang Documentation

  • Java

    Java interpreter Jshell is released with standard Java 9. I found some helpful links and resources regarding all java REPLs for you as below:

  • Java Documentation

  • Python

    Please refer to links below to know about python interpreter:

  • Python Documentation