Java Jshell

Jshell is introduced as part of Java 9 JDK. It allows you to execute java code snippets, evaluate java statements and expressions. Java REPL is currently disabled in this website due to some memory Issue and can be enabled in future.

For more information on jshell and its usage, you can check the links below :

  • JShell - Java 9 interpreter (REPL) - Getting Started and Examples
  • Introduction to JShell
  • Java 9 JShell Example

  • Recently I came across an online open source project named, it can be helpful as well and can be evaluated over this link. Also, it is embedded in OpenREPL website. For usage and meta-commands please refer java demo on OpenREPL page or type /help in the java-repl terminal.

    Read our documentation for more information on other REPLs