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Welcome to OpenREPL

Getting Started

            hyperyolo ~ $ 

Please read documentation for more information


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Fast To Learn

Start writing your code snippets immediately in any REPL! No more time wasted on opening and navigating your text editor, writing code, compile and run to see the results.

Secure and Containerized REPLs

REPLs are created and destroyed on the fly using containers. REPLs can be forked to create a child terminal in the same container that can communicate with the parent REPL. Useful in case of socket/http programming.


Each REPL terminal has some meta-commands to perform administrative tasks.

Prototyping and Proofs of Concepts

Helps you learn a programming language faster.


Share your REPL Instance with Others to collaborate with others. Click 'Share REPL' button to generate a unique REPL ID which can be shared with Others.